Yakutat Coastal Airlines has the largest aircraft in the area. Our DeHavilland turbine Otter allows us to move raft or kayaking gear and equipment in fewer flights due to our large cargo capacity and seats for up to 10 passengers. Fewer flights means less cost to you.

If you are planning a raft trip down the Tatshenshini or Alsek river, or flying out to Icy Bay to camp and kayak we can provide you with safe transportation to or from Yakutat, or Haines. We can help you figure out which route will make the best economic sense for your group size.

In our turbine DeHavilland Otter, we can move groups of 15 and raft gear, in just 2 trips. The safety and reliability of a turbine engine can't be beat. Large raft frames easily fit through our large cargo doors making for easy loading and unloading.

Please call us today at (907) 784-3831 and we will help you get your trip together.

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The safest and most economical way to move you and your raft gear. Our single turbine Otter on wheels, is the largest aircraft available in the area. With seats for 10, our Otter has the capability to get you and your group to Haines in 1 flight.

We also have a Helio Courier H-295. A Tail Dragger comparable in size to a Cessna 206. Perfect for Small Groups

A few typical load configurations:


Yes, we can carry River Kayaks and Canoes up to 13 feet in length.

Dry Bay to Haines 50 minutes ~ Dry Bay to Skagway 1 Hour. ~ Dry Bay to Yakutat 23 minutes.


Yakutat Coastal Airlines will not be responsible or liable for any loss, damage or injury to participants or personal property or for expenses or delays incurred as a result of weather, routing delays or other conditions. Yakutat Coastal Airlines reserves the right to make changes and alterations in the itinerary as may be necessary for safety and proper handling of all trips. Daily fly-outs are subject to weather and other safety considerations.

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