Helicopter Services

Coastal Air Service is proud to offer helicopter service in our Robinson R66, equipped with popout floats.

We have the only helicopter based on the Gulf Coast, between Anchorage and Juneau. If your company has a pending project in the Yakutat area that requires a helicopter, give us a call today. The Robinson is equipped with Pop Out Floats, seats 3 + Pilot, longline equipped,  fuel bladder for transporting fuel to remote areas and extended range fuel (ability to fly up to 5 hrs).

Helicopter services we offer:

  • Scenic rides
  • Glacier landings
  • Photography flights
  • Geological survey
  • Wildlife surveys
  • Remote fly out fishing
  • Telemetry/ Surveys/Field Work 
  • Long Line up to 1000Lbs
  • Remote Drops and/or Pick ups ~  Hiking, Mountain Climbing, Coastal Walking or 
  • Inflatable Kayak Adventure 

Adding the additional support of a helicopter to our fixed wing operation, makes getting any job done, possible and easy.