Owner, Hans Munich has been flying wheeled and float planes since 1987. His 36 years flying experience has taken him from the Alaskan Bush to the tip of the Baja and thousands of places in between. In his extensive flying career, he has logged over 23,000 hours behind the yoke. All our aircraft are meticulously maintained and reliable.

Dehavilland Otter

The ultimate in bush transportation, the single turbine DeHavilland Otter has 480 cubic feet of cargo with a useful load of 3,800 pounds. This aircraft is perfect for moving large groups. This plane can get in and out of short strips with great ease due to the turbine engine, high wing configuration and Baron Stol Kit.


Robinson R66 Helicopter

Our remote Alaska backcountry workhorse.

Otter Cockpit

Robinson R66 w/ Pop Out Floats

The world’s most popular lightweight turbine helicopter. Equipped with pop out floats. http://www.robinsonheli.com/